Thicker, Fuller, Longer- Hair care routine

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share my hair care routine for anyone trying to grow out or improve the condition of their hair. Not all of it is that fun to follow! but it does give results.


I wash and condition my hair twice a week. I know twice a week doesn’t sound like a lot but I have found that having greasy hair days has made my hair so much thicker and healthier. I don’t use dry shampoo (bad for scalp) so I just sort of suffer through and try to strategise when i wash my hair. If you can’t get it down to two just try to get it down to as few washes as you can.  Of course you can’t always stick to this if you have certain events planned etc but i try to stick to it as much as I can. Sometimes i wash just the front parts of my hair if i have something planned as a bit of an emergency cheat strategy. Right now I am using Shu Umuera’s Moisture velvet shampoo and conditioning mask which is absolutely amazing. The shampoo leaves no residue and the conditioning mask is one of if not the best I’ve ever tried.



When I do wash my hair I brush my hair first while dry so there are no tangles and the shampoo is easy to distribute once wet.

Install a water softener now!

Installing a water softener into your plumbing  will make the biggest difference to your hair. Water in cities in usually quite hard which not only makes hair look flat over time it can cause hair loss. Once you have installed a water softener you will see the difference in your hair after the first wash. I promise you that your hair will have more volume and be so much softer and easier to style. This more than anything else will make such a positive difference to your hair.

Sauna or Steam room will really help!-

Major key alert! if you have access to a sauna or steam room try to sit with the conditioner on in your hair for about 10- 30 minutes depending on how much time you have. Putting conditioner on in the heat of the sauna or steam room makes it penetrate deeper into the hair follicle. Leaving it silkier, softer and much less likely to break. I really recommend doing this if you are trying to grow your hair. Sometimes i apply argain oil instead of conditioner for a really intense treatment. I also sleep with my hair and scalp soaked in argan oil about once a week (don’t forget to put a towel over your pillow case!)

Ice cold rinse- Just do it lol!

Rinsing with cold water seals the cuticles of the hair leaving it much shinier so depending on how brave you are try to go as cold as you can at the end of your shower. This is also very good for your circulation, immune system and skin. Ive actually learned to love the tingly feeling ice cold showers give me once they’re over lol!

Styling- My love affair with heated rollers


Ok so for styling I never use straighteners or curling tongues. If you’re trying to grow your hair or improve its condition these can not be apart of your life.  I use a hair dryer, a round brush, and of course my obsession heated rollers. This is how i use them:

Apply serum to ends of wet hair
Leave hair to air dry until its just a bit damp and then i tip my hair upside down and blow dry my hair with cool air until its dry. (if you’re in a rush hot air is fine just hold the dryer not to close to your hair to prevent heat damage.)
Then for the most important step the heated rollers!  I use the babyliss ones and two boxes of them but depending on how much hair you have one is usually enough.

First section your hair for each roller starting with sections the top of your head so that each roller reaches tightly to the root of the hair (If your rollers aren’t rolled tightly to the very root of the hair and are sort of hanging down the style won’t last.) Next make another row of sections underneath the top one and then a final row at the base of the neck. so thats three rows in total.
Use the metal pins to secure them, the plastic clips won’t hold them as tight and the style won’t last as long.
Once all of the rollers have cooled down take them out gently they should come out smoothly without any tugs if you’ve wrapped the hair from the very tip to root.
Then tip hair upside down brush the curls out gently and voila! To finish I blow dry my bangs with very hot air which isn’t good for them but i haven’t found an alternative that works.
Ive tried this on so many of my friends who all have different hair types and seen great results on all of them. So whatever your hair type it really is worth giving heated rollers a try.


Trimming hair doesn’t make it grow faster!

One last tip for girls trying to grow their hair. We’ve all heard of the idea that if you cut your hair it grows faster this is actually not true it will look healthier while its growing but it won’t grow faster. Hair dressers love to cut hair but don’t let them! I would advise actually resisting the temptation to cut it at all until it has grown at least half way to the point you would like. If the ends aren’t looking good simply disguise this by curling them with heated rollers.

If anyone try any of the above I would be really interested to here back on your results!

Thanks for reading everyone!  xxx


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