Skin Care routine


When it comes to skin care I use a combination of medical grade products mixed with very basic/ organic ingredients and nothing in between . So here is the routine:


  1. Slather raw organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil all over the face. Massage in circular motions and press down around the eyes to drain fluid around the eyes.
  2. Soak muslin cloth in very hot water and use the cloth to massage off the coconut oil.
  3. Finish by splashing ice cold water on the face to close the pores and boost circulation. Cold water also helps reduce my under eye puffiness.
  4. Apply three drops of Obagis vitamin C serum 20% (or any other medical grade vitamin c product). Massage into the skin. Obagi has become quite a controversial brand due to their use of the ingredient hydroquinone. I don’t use or recommend any of their products that do contain this ingredient. (Hydroquinone has been linked to skin cancer).
  5. Use a good amount of spf at least 30++. I use skin ceuticals sheer mineral defence spf 50. It’s my fav because its not shiny and the protection is very high and good quality.
  6. Apply Lumigan to the roots of lashes (better to apply Lumigan in the morning as less likely to sleep and rub it off onto your pillows or with your face creams.)



  1. Slather coconut oil on face again and rinse off with a hot muslin cloth.
  2. Then wash face with Obagi Clenzidem Silicic acid face wash. Helps to shrink pores and prevent pores enlarging which happens as we age! noooo.
  3. Steam face and body for twenty minutes with a freezing shower in between and at the end of the shower. (I do this three to four times a week). Steaming or using the sauna more than anything will really help clean your skin and shrink pores. I had a steam unit fitted into my shower. So if you do have access to a steam or sauna definitely take advantage. If not you can put your face over a bowl of hot water (not boiling! Let it cool for a while!) and hold a towel over the top. Its nice to add a drop of lavender oil to this or the steam room or sauna its very calming and cleansing.
  4. Use a pea sized amount of retinal over the face and neck but completely avoiding the eye area (I only apply this once or twice a week). I use obagis tretinoin .1%
  5. Apply vaseline around the eyes and under eyes.
  6. Massage a pea sized amount of coconut oil into skin (if not using retinal).
  7. Apply argan oil to eyelashes.
Steam dispenser is the tiny metal box in the bottom right.
Steam dispenser is the tiny metal box in the bottom right.
My helo steam room control unit
My helo steam room control unit

You don’t actually need a big shower space or somewhere to sit to add a steam dispenser. They can be fitted into most normal sized showers.

So far the only anti ageing ingredients I have actually seen that seem to work are retinals and vitamins C. I don’t put much faith in over the counter expensive products as they are basically using a smaller amount of the active ingredient than medical grade products, so I feel like you are paying for packaging and advertising campaigns.  As for moisturisers I sleep with vaseline around my eyes and coconut oil on my face but I try not to get my skin to dependent on moisturiser.

Hope this is interesting/ helpful guys thanks for reading! xxx

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  1. Hi Lucy,

    Thank you for this post!

    I also use tretinoin (0.05%) and I read that some dermatologists said it’s okay to use it around the eyes. Is there a reason you don’t like to use it around your eyes? I tried it but I didn’t have the patience to get through the initial dryness period because it looked horrible to have dry skin around my eyes, so I stopped but thinking of starting again. Oh and do you layer another moisturiser over tretinoin? I feel I need moisturiser over it.

    Just curious what you think about it 🙂

    1. Hi Fiona,

      You do have to have patience to get over that initial horrible peeling stage but once you’re through it the results are so so worth it. When you start using it you can build up the amounts you are using slowly so your skin gets used to it.
      When my skin was peeling a lot I would use moisturiser to help brush off some of the skin so I didn’t look quite so scary going out but really moisturiser is for your own comfort. It’s not going to change the effects of the treatment for better or worse.
      I don’t put it around my eyes as I just instinctively feel that skin there is so delicate that I dont want to expose it to such an aggressive treatment. My friend did use it around her eyes and the tiny smile lines she had became slightly more visible. For eyes I just stick to vaseline at night lol. Good luck if you start again let me know how you get on.

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