Bali! Where do I start?…There is something in the energy of the place. Once I recovered from the 16 hour flight I started to notice this. A blissful, floaty feeling in the air carries you away.

I had seen many pictures of the cascading rice fields, beautiful beaches, temples and the sunsets but having been there, I can tell you that no photograph can do it justice. I was overcome by it’s beauty.

Healing powers of Bali

Part of my attraction to Bali was its reputation for very good meditation centres and Yoga retreats. If you’re interested in either, there is no better place for practicing or exploring either one.  I found practicing Yoga in the open air in Bali left me in a tingly, delicious, peaceful state that I had never reached in my yoga practice in London (although on my return I aim to try to!)

I went to Yoga barn in Ubud which is the most amazing place! It has classes all day for Yoga, Meditation and thai chi.

I found meditation about two years ago. it was one of the most important discoveries I have ever made. I used to suffer from anxiety and still do sometimes. Meditation has been utterly life changing for me in diminishing my anxiety (better than Xanax lol) and in so many other ways it has been transformational. I couldn’t recommend it enough for anyone who is struggling with anxiety, going through a hard time or for anyone who  simply wants to experience its miraculous benefits.


Beauty treatments in Bali!

I have had massage treatments of every kind all over the world and I have to say the masseurs in Bali are some of the best I have come across. Their hands are so strong and they really know what they are doing. In particular i would recommend Balinese massage and reflexology. In Ubud i discovered the Putri spa is a very basic spa but the massage therapists are exceptional and the prices are unbelievably reasonable. Putrid Bali Spa- Jl Raya Sanggingan, Kedewatan, Ubud, Kabupaten, gianyar, Bali, Indonesia tel- +62 361 978960

IMG_5094 (1)


I also had facial acupuncture and healing while I was in Bali  with a very talented woman called Egle Raulickyte. ( She also works in London and Hong Kong. The idea is that the needles provoke the body to produce collagen and hit pressure points which trigger healing in the body. Its ability to reduce lines and sagging skin has led to some people turning to it as a more natural alternative to botox. I left feeling absolutely amazing. I was incredibly relaxed and my skin was glowing. As I have had only had one treatment (she recommends a course of 3-6) I can’t say yet whether it really helps with diminishing fine lines, but my instinct says it’s worth exploring further.




Staying pretty in Bali (Not easy! Lol)

I arrived in Bali with my usual makeup I had packed, thinking I could just follow my normal, lighter make routine (tinted moisturiser etc)..I was wrong! Forget foundation.. forget even tinted moisturiser.! The second you step outside your hair frizzes up and your makeup just melts off. Humidity.

By day three however, I had sort of created a new routine that worked for the humid climate. What saved me was the Obagi ZO primer spf 30. It helps reduce shine (matt finish but is invisible), hides pores and  provides a high quality spf. I used the Obagi vitamin C serum underneath the primer every morning which gives that extra bit of protection from the strong sun and evens out skin tone. After that, mint lip balm with my favourite Kevin aucoin flesh tone lip liner in the shade ‘minimal’ was all I used. It worked and I felt fresh and pretty ‘ish’!.

In the evening the weather allowed a bit of eye liner at least lol!

As for hair I recommend finding a straightforward up do. There are no secrets here I’m afraid! I would suggest a simple bun, plait or ponytail.


The food

So far if I haven’t been overly impressed with food except for a few places which I will list below. The fruit however is amazing and I’ve lost weight just from all the papaya I’ve been eating (natural laxative!!). What’s great is that many of the restaurants are in such beautiful settings that you almost don’t notice the food itself. However I am fussy and I know a lot of people who really love the food here.

If you’re interested in going on a cleanse, Bali has many vegan options everywhere and particularly in Ubud! (Below in order: enjoying the view at luxe cafe and by the infinity pool at the hanging gardens)

IMG_5100 (1)



IMG_4915 (1)

Favourite restaurants:

Luxe Cafe- Ubud

The St Regis kayaputi restaurant ( best food I had on the whole trip) – Nusadua

Kayumanis- Ubud

Copper Box- Ubud

The Hanging Gardens (food isn’t great but views are amazing so worth it!) – Ubud

A Little bit of culture

The traditional Legong dance (below) was very pretty to watch. The female dancers movements were so incredibly poised and graceful. Quite mesmerising! We watched it at the Nusa Dua Beach club where they perform on an outdoor stage during dinner, however you can find similar performances all over Bali.

DSC07215 (1)-2

IMG_5096-2 (1)

Visiting the Sacred Monkey forest in Ubud was loads of fun!! Cute monkeys climbing you and chatting away. Their feet and hands are surprisingly soft and gentle.  I  also saw a few mother monkeys with their babies that weren’t bigger than my hand. So sweet!  But be careful..One actually relieved himself on my friend which was very entertaining but not much fun dealing with in the tropical heat.



I will never forget my trip to Bali and I definitely plan to go back. There is still so much left that I want to explore. The Balinese are such gracious, loving and generous people.

Finally, just a small story I would like to share. On my last day I left a very valuable ring in a bathroom after washing my hands. It was only once I was at the airport that I realised it was gone. I phoned the establishment (not feeling that optimistic & very panicked!) They confirmed they had it straight away and sent it straight to the airport so I didn’t even have to miss my flight going back to get it. I was humbled by the sincere kindness shown to me again and again in Bali. This is just one example. It’s no surprise that so many people go to Bali in search of the peace and healing that it offers.

Thanks for reading guys! If anyone visits Bali I’d be really interested to hear your experiences, so please share!  x






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