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Ever since I was a child I have aspired to have thick, long, shiny hair! Probably because of all of those bloody Disney Princesses!!! My hair is fine (but I have lots of it) and it’s wavy so getting it to cooperate with my vision of what I want it to look like hasn’t always been easy.  After researching and experimenting with hair supplements for quite a few years I feel that I have narrowed it down to four that I believe ACTUALLY work.

  1.  Biotin– Most people have already heard of Biotin. I started taking it about four years ago. I take 2 1000mg tablets with a meal twice a day. What I have noticed about biotin is that it has made my hair grow faster, but has not improved the thickness or fullness of my hair. However it’s still a great supplement if you’re trying to grow out a cut or just your hair length in general. Quick warning biotin can cause breakouts it happened to me recently and since experiencing the breakouts I have stopped taking it. Combining the biotin with  500mg of Pantothenic acid a day can prevent the biotin from having this negative effect on the skin. So if you don’t want to give it up this is an option.
  2.  Saw Palmetto berries– I am really passionate about this supplement! I’ll just briefly explain how it works. The main cause of hair loss in both men and women is testosterone that converts into DHT. Saw palmetto complex blocks the molecule that converts testosterone into DHT. I have been taking  550 mg of this twice a day for a year now and I can really see an increase in the thickness and fullness of my hair. For me this was more important than length so I am really thrilled. However the benefits of this supplement don’t end there! Testosterone converted into DHT is also responsible for increased facial hair in women. This product actually inhibits facial hair in women.  A lot of my friends complained about facial hair suddenly propping up during pregnancy due to all of the hormonal changes, so this is a great supplement to help with that. I can say that I have found the hair on my face becoming finer.
  3.  Organic cold pressed flaxseed oil– I mix this into my vegetable juice every morning and believe it has made a significant difference to both my skin and hair.  This is mainly due to the fatty acid EFA or Alpha linolenic acid. These EFAs can actually reverse hair loss in some cases. As well as its benefits to hair it also:
  • reduces the risk of cancer
  • plays a role in burning body fat
  • reduces menopause symptoms
  • promotes healthy skin

So it really is a must! I recommend taking a few spoonfuls of it in its cold press form as this is the easiest way for your body to receive all the amazing goodness every day!


Argan Oil– Sleep with this product in your hair and wash it out in the morning. Aim to massage this into the roots as it will stimulate hair growth. Once washed out hair feels silkier and styles more easily without loss of volume.

Quick tip: Every morning I put out my supplements for the day in a dish by my bed. Helps me not forget to take them!

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Thanks for reading everyone! xxx

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