The products that changed my life!

  1. Lumigan-  IMG_6056

IMG_6050-1024x402 (1)

The picture above shows my lashes without any mascara. Before Lumigan they were less than half this length and thickness. Unfortunately I don’t have any before pictures as I started using it four years ago.

This product more than any other has really changed my life. I wasn’t born with naturally long lashes and it bothered me. After years of eyelash extensions (which ruined my own lashes) and trying every mascara, I finally discovered Lumigan. I first discovered it from a company called Latisse but soon realised that instead of paying £200 I could just buy it from the pharmacy for £20.

Heres a quick video showing how to apply it:

After using it for two months you will start to notice the thickness of your lashes change. After three months they will be noticeably longer and after six months you will see the final result. Much longer thicker and darker lashes! However this is a prescription medical grade product and there are a few things to be very careful of when using it:

  1. Make sure none of the product goes into your eyes. Lumigan is actually an eye drop treatment for glaucoma and you don’t want to treat your healthy eyes with innaprpriate medication.
  2. When applying the drops with the micro fine applicator (pictured above and available in pharmacies) weave one drop of product for each eye right into the root of each eyelash making sure none of the product touches any surrounding skin (it will grow thicker darker hair wherever it is put so you don’t want hairy dark under eyes lol)

In the UK you will need a prescription for Lumigan so I buy mine in Dubai but you might be able to persuade some GPs to prescribe it for a condition called Madarosis (loss of eye lashes).


2. Khiels body lotion IMG_5686

This is the BEST body lotion out there. Its perfect for anyone prone to breakouts on their body as it doesn’t clog the pores. And it leaves the skin incredibly smooth. I have tried others but always return to this product time and time again.

3. Organic virgin coconut oil IMG_5666

I use this for literally  everything! I cleanse my skin with it twice a day. It is packed with antioxidants and anti-aging properties. It literally melts all of my makeup off. In the evening I massage it off with a muslin cloth soaked in hot water.

It’s also an amazing mouth wash and I use it as the ‘oil’ for a process called ‘oil pulling’ which helps to remove toxins and clear the skin. Swilling oil around your mouth for 20 mins feels gross at first but you’ll be amazed at what it removes by the time you spit it out.

You can also put it on a glove mit and use it as a scrub which makes you super super smooth this is a great thing to do particulalry if you ever experience breakouts on your body.

4. Maison Pearson hair brushes in natural and nylon bristles IMG_5703

I have been using these brushes since I was a child and I’m  convinced that the massaging feeling they give your scalp is good for circulation and hair growth. I use them for back combing and tidying my hair while I’m out. It smooths out the hair without taking the volume away. The hand bag sized one is magical for every day/night out touch ups! If you want to personalise it like I have (if you’re worried it might get pinched by a friend or fellow gym goer) most shoe repair/engravers will do it for you.


5. Vaseline

I use this as an eye makeup remover. I slather it around my under eye area at night. This has been my ritual since I was 17 I believe it really helps prevent lines developing around the delicate eye area. So far so good!

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