The Kylie lip kit!



There has been so much buzz surrounding the Kylie lip kit but for some reason I assumed it was all hype and didn’t get one. Then my very kind  friend Tamara brought one back with her from the states. Thank you Tamara!

It was meant to be! I was sceptical but I was wrong. I am super impressed with the kit and will definitely be buying more colours. Here’s the review:

The kit contains 1 lip pencil and 1 matching matt lip gloss. The lip gloss goes on shiny and in about 15 seconds drys to a very matt finish.

The colour doesn’t bleed into the lines of the lips the way some matt lipsticks do.  The thing I like about the kit the most is how long lasting it is. I applied it in the morning and it literally had not budged by the afternoon.

As for the lip liner…I am in love with it! I didn’t expect it to be anything special as I was focused on the liquid lipstick. But the lip liner is a great thickness and goes on smoothly ( I am really fussy about lip liners). In fact I have started using the ‘dolce K’ lip liner on its own with just a clear lip balm during the day.

One draw back for me is that I wouldn’t wear the lip colour in the day time as the texture is a bit thick for me in the day light. They also aren’t available in the U.K yet so you have to buy before you try!!

Altogether I would say that the Kylie lip kit is worth the investment.  Any thoughts/ experiences with the kit please let me know xx

Below wearing the Kylie lip kit in ‘dolce K’.






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