Fabric Panneling- cosy factor level 10




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Fabric panelling is one of my favourite features to add to bedrooms. I chose a pale grey velvet and the same  for my curtains. But silks and even leathers can also be very effective. Most upholsterers will be able to do fabric panelling. I used ‘Chelsea Upholstery and Interiors’ tel- 0207 384 1666 Email: info@chelseaupholstery.co.uk 

Quick tip- if you source your own fabric it will usually be cheaper than letting the upholsterer order it.

I would just like to add something unrelated. In the picture above you can see a small rose quartz crystal on the side of my bed in a glass holder. My gorgeous friend Ola told me that rose quartz carries beautiful energy. I have kept it there for a month now and have have really felt something magical from it. It also looks very pretty!

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My friend once said my bedroom was like being inside a velvet jewellery box. I loved her description. Its all about the cosy factor for me! I try to add extra comfort and detail to everything around me.  Our bedrooms are including the time we sleep, where we we spend the majority of our time. So why not invest in the place where we go to rest and retreat.





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