Ultimate cheat manicure for beautiful hands


Hands are a fundamental part of femininity. There is nothing more attractive than  women expressing themselves with beautiful hands.  So what makes hands beautiful?

Hands come in all shapes and sizes but traditionally a long nail bed (the part of the nail before the white tip) is preferable. Shorter nail beds tend to make hands look a bit stubbier and the fingers not as slim.

For those of you who are blessed with long elegant nail beds this manicure will only enhance the beauty of your hands further.  We all have different nail beds both shorter and longer but this manicure I do makes the nail bed appear a lot longer.

Beautiful hands cheat french manicure- 61sjkhfmlyl-_sy355_

If you are tanned or darker (like me) your base colour for the french manicure should never be pink in tone it should be a white creamy tone. Shellacs ‘romantic’ is perfect. If you have fair skin pink tones will work better.





Ok the cheat part of the manicure is this:

-Ignore where your own natural white tip begins and paint your french line right at the very end of your finger tips (or explain this to the manicurist.) This will really help to extend the appearance of your nail beds. Don’t worry about your natural white line not being fully painted, the base colour will disguise your natural line and next to the painted white line your own will be barely visible.

-The line should be extremely thin and straight. Avoid thick white lines like the plague! The thicker the white line is the shorter your nail bed will appear and the stubbier your fingers will look.

– Use a clear top coat as normal



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