Three cellulite busters that actually work!


Cellulite! A healthy diet and exercise are important when it comes to reducing cellulite but I have found  two other ways that also really work. So here they are:

Compression Tights – These are not comfortable but if you have the dedication to wear these every day for about a month you will see a vast improvement if not the dissapearence of all cellulite. They feel incredibly tight in the beginning but you do get use to them. I wore mine for around three months every night (as i found that easier than wearing them in the day) and all of my cellulite went away for about a year. Although it does return after this time period I still believe that the results are worth it. For example two months before a beach holiday wearing these would be a great idea. Exercising in them can also boost the results if you want to really go for it. My compression tights are from the Italian brand Solidea. They are available to buy online and cost around £30.




Dr Simom Ourian– During my summer spent in LA this year I was on the look out for beauty treatments that weren’t available in Europe. One of the treatments I found came from Kim Kardashians aesthetic doctor, Dr Simon Ourian. Dr Ourian has now become quite famous in his own right with over a million instagram followers. He offers a treatment in his Epione Clinic in Beverley Hills which involves injecting permanent fillers into the dimples of his clients cellulite. A friend of mine had the treatment done and I can confidently recommend the results.  Apart from mild bruising there is no down time which is great. However with prices starting at $10,000 it’s quite an expensive option! Also even if you are spending $10,000 don’t expect to be seen on time unless you are Kim Kardashian lol. For more details check out his instagram ‘simonourianmd1’


Body Brushing–  Helps to eliminate toxins and stimulate lymphatic drainage. all areas below the heart must be brushed upwards and all areas above the heart should be brushed downwards in swift short strokes. I do this every morning for about ten minutes. I focus on the back of my thighs as that is my problem area. What is wonderful about dry body brushing is how good it makes you feel. It gets the blood flowing and is very refreshing. It does help reduce cellulite but in my experience it won’t make a dramatic difference. I bought mine from boots and it cost about £7


Thanks for reading guys! Any feedback/ experiences with the above please share.


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