Daily diet – How I keep my weight where I want it.


Hi guys! When it comes to meals I believe in eating the majority of my food during the times when I am most active which is during the day (breakfast and lunch) My main strategy is to skip dinner altogether about 4-5 times a week. This works for me as I find it easier to skip one meal than be strict with what I eat in all of them. Heres a summary of my normal day to day diet-

Breakfast- kick starts your metabolism and is such an important meal to make a habit if you want to get into shape healthily. (Before any breakfast I always have a  green vegetable juice for details please see previous post on vegetable juicing .)

between 7-10am – For breakfast I have 3 options. Each one begins with a hot water with lemon and finishes with a matcha green tea.


1.Lighter breakfast– For when Im going to be on the beach soon or I when Im already there lol.

-Fresh papaya, pineapple, banana, nectarines, berries (organic preferable) followed by a  piece of smoked salmon on its own/boiled egg. img_0023

2. Standard yummy breakfast– Have this most of the time and definitely if I’m going to be working out:

-Rye bread toast with a tiny bit of olive oil and salt with scrambled eggs & smoked salmon. I don’t use any oil or butter in  my scrambled eggs at all and add a lot of pepper once cooked. Or Porridge made with almond milk manuka honey and raisins.img_7446

3. In a rush breakfast– 2 scoops of naturya hemp vegan protein powder, 2 scoops of linwoods organic flaxseed, sunflower,pumpkin seeds mix, 1 scoop of chia seeds, almond milk 1 banana (2 if I’m feeling naughty) and 6 strawberries. This tastes like heaven, is packed with antioxidants and will keep you going.

Strawberry and banana Hemp Protein shake.
Strawberry and banana Hemp Protein shake.

Lunch- between 3-5pm– I let myself go for it at lunch. As it’s usually my last meal of the day. I basically eat what I want although I try to include some healthy nutrition in whatever I choose. A side of broccoli some spinach etc.  I have two cups of hot water with lemon after every lunch.

Lighter option– Brown rice, grilled salmon/sea bass

Standard yummy lunch- (whatever I want) I eat out a lot for lunch which I don’t recommend (not healthy) but I try do some small things to make my unhealthy choices slightly better.

– If ordering a burger for example I leave the bun and don’t order chips, If I have sushi I try to have more sashimi than the rice rolls. I love thai food, Italian, French everything! lol But won’t ever finish everything on my plate ( unless its one of my all time favs) Lately I have been trying to avoid meat altogether so am choosing fish or vegetarian dishes when eating out. I  feel a lot better and am not missing meat as much as I expected.

Lunch at home

Brown rice penne
Brown rice penne

-Brown rice penne with tuna, creme fraiche and pesto is very filling and tasty.

-Or some chicken with brown rice /sweet potatoe wedges. ( Im not a very accomplished cook lol)

-Cucumber salad with himalayan salt and apple cider vinegar

Dinner- Dining Out (about three times a week)  When I am enjoying a meal out with friends the last thing I want to do is be fussy or strict about what I order so;

– Order whatever I want

–  small portions. Don’t finish everything on my plate.

-Following dinner 2 cups of matcha green tea and 1 hot water with lemon to speed up my metabolism and aid digestion.

At home option- If I am home and feeling just a bit to hungry to last until morning I have

-spicy chicken noodle soup with matzos crackers.


-finish with hot water and lemon.


I usually pass out at around 11-12 latest. Plus point when you’re sleeping you’re not thinking about food!


What I don’t eat and drink-

–  I don’t drink alcohol if I do its a maximum of once a month because it makes me feel so shattered the next day, its ageing and I always eat junk the day after drinking.

– I completey avoid white flour and white rice as it puts stress on your liver and basically has zero nutritional value.

So thats it guys! hope this is interesting/ helpful to some of you!



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