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My name is Lucy Lascelles. I live in London where I have been based for most of my life, although I spent the early years of my childhood in New York and Greenwich Connecticut U.S.A.

I graduated from Regents University London a few years ago (who’s counting lol) with a major in Media Communications and a minor in Psychology.

I struggled to find direction after graduating and explored a few different avenues of work including PR and working as a health and beauty columnist in Dubai.

One thing has been consistent throughout my life and that has been my love of beauty. Over the years I have spent many many hours exploring cosmetics, skin, hair products and treatments. I have studied feng shui and interior design in order that I might create beautiful surroundings. I see potential beauty in so many things and thrive on creating or enhancing it. Over time I have accumulated a huge bag of tips and tricks.

I believe that to keep or grow anything that we have we must  give it away. The purpose of my blog is to share tips and inspiration with as many girls as possible, in the hope that i will be able to save them a lot of time! I underwent a lot of trial and error over the years. I want to share my knowledge with you, and I look forward to hearing your feedback.