Nars soft matte concealer

This is one of those beauty finds that I will use forever. I dab it on and my dark circles are completely erased not just improved. The armani high precision concealer was for years my number 1 but no longer. (I feel a pang of betrayal as I type this )

It provides very high coverage without looking  thick or visible on the skin. And the matt finish means I don’t have to use as much powder to set it with which is great as powder always emphasises the fine lines under my eyes. I use the shade medium 1 custard which is a great colour not to white not to orange, perfect!

Make sure the eye are is moisturised a few minutes before application as without the consistency can make the eyes look dehydrated. I use a brush to softly buff it in but can also be dabbed on gently with finger tips.

Nars soft matte concealer is priced at 23 pounds.

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Bali! Where do I start?…There is something in the energy of the place. Once I recovered from the 16 hour flight I started to notice this. A blissful, floaty feeling in the air carries you away.

I had seen many pictures of the cascading rice fields, beautiful beaches, temples and the sunsets but having been there, I can tell you that no photograph can do it justice. I was overcome by it’s beauty.

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The products that changed my life!

  1. Lumigan-  IMG_6056

IMG_6050-1024x402 (1)

The picture above shows my lashes without any mascara. Before Lumigan they were less than half this length and thickness. Unfortunately I don’t have any before pictures as I started using it four years ago.

This product more than any other has really changed my life. I wasn’t born with naturally long lashes and it bothered me. After years of eyelash extensions (which ruined my own lashes) and trying every mascara, I finally discovered Lumigan. I first discovered it from a company called Latisse but soon realised that instead of paying £200 I could just buy it from the pharmacy for £20.

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