Halloween at home!


The build up to Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year. Burnt orange and red leaves decorate the trees and ground. The light takes on a blue ethereal brightness in the mornings and darker evenings call for twinkling decoration and festive fun. 

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Fabric Panneling- cosy factor level 10




IMG_7509 (1)

Fabric panelling is one of my favourite features to add to bedrooms. I chose a pale grey velvet and the same  for my curtains. But silks and even leathers can also be very effective. Most upholsterers will be able to do fabric panelling. I used ‘Chelsea Upholstery and Interiors’ tel- 0207 384 1666 Email: info@chelseaupholstery.co.uk 

Quick tip- if you source your own fabric it will usually be cheaper than letting the upholsterer order it.

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Choosing the right vase

I make no apologies for being a typical girl in my love of pastels. Whenever I choose flowers I always choose pastel colours. And if ever someone is choosing them for me chances are they’ve received explicit instructions on what colour flowers to ‘surprise’ me with. I also prefer bouquets of all roses, peonies, or lilys I don’t really like to combine different flowers. Sorry to all the talented florists out there who are cringing reading this but to thine own self be true!

Here I’ve put some roses together in a wine glass shaped vase that has a really open wide top. Unless its for the dining or console table  I always choose vases that have really open, wide shapes it means you can put the flowers together in a more beautiful shape than the more narrow vases. The flowers will also last longer as they won’t be so cramped

IMG_5827 (1)

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Sweet Decoration!


I just adore pastels a fact that my flat is testament to. I also like to always keep some kind of food on display; fruits, dates, cakes etc. I think they give a warm loving energy to the home. Its also nice to have something to offer guests at hand. So I use these pastel pink and white marshmallows to fill glass jars.  There you have it pretty sweets!

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